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Recently, my students and I have been talking about favorite books. What are yours?

  1. What books – originally written in English – have you enjoyed reading the most? Include the names of the authors if you remember them.
  2. Did you read them (a) in translation to your first language, (b) in English, or (c) both?
  3. (optional) What did you enjoy about them?
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Adrian March 17, 2010

First answer:
(…) I always enjoy reading the current book. I like to read for fun and my pleasure. Therefore, the current book is always my favorite one. If I don`t like the book I put it aside.

More directly I can say I really like John Grisham`s books. All of them. Now I am reading “The Associate”. Probably I will read the last chapter today. I have bought “The Testament” (another Grisham`s Book) and I will start this new reading adventure this saturday. I can`t wait…

Second answer:
Uhm…No, I did not. I discovered Grisham after scanning for interesting books to read in English. Before him I tried to read many others authors but I could not find nothing interesting as Grisham`s writings (until now). Maybe, in the future, I will try Scott Turow. I heard that he is a great writer too (talking about the same kind of literature). I am not sure about that but I think many years ago I watched a film based on his book….well I don’t remember the name of the book (and in fact I don`t remember the name of the film too). I remember only the name of the main actor of the film: Harrison Ford.

Last answer:
For sure the main subject: law.


Laurent March 18, 2010

As an intermediate ESL student, I am currently reading selected short stories by Raymond Carver, which I find relatively easy to read. I started reading in English with Bertrand Russel (History of Western Philosophy), his English is easy and pleasant to read. I would also recommand Oscar Wilde’s plays (The importance of being Ernest). I also read a lot of comic books, including Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan (my favorite), Spiegelman’s Maus, Burn’s Black Hole, Schulz’s Peanuts etc. I read all of them in English, and some in French, too. I intend to read books by Philip Roth, which I already know in my native language.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,

Mayssa Nassrallh March 18, 2010


Acutely, my pleasure in reading English novel has started by the novel of Khaled Hosseini who has had two stunning novels, “the kite runner” and one I liked more, “A thousand splendid suns.” he is simply a creative author, every novel is about 400 pages but to be honest I didn’t feel the time passed while I was reading, he let me feel nervous, happy, angry with his creative people until I reash the end of each one.

By the way, they have turned “the kite runner” into a movie, and I watched it last month, but I didn’t enjoy the movie as when I was reading the novel.
I doing now a search to another novel like those, may be I’ll find one.

Thank you


Rainy Zhang March 23, 2010

Hi ,
Reading is my favourite amusement .I spend a lot of time on reading .The most impressive book I have read is “Son and Lover “-written by W.H. Laurence .I read that book by comparing the original book and the translation at the same time .I admire Laurence ,because he really presented the changement of human paychology and showed the goods and evil of human society .I hope I can write as well as Laurence ,though there is a long way to go ,I believe that dream is the most beautiful thing in the world .

Yusmary March 29, 2010

Hi Warren
Thank you for show me the magic of the lecture, I don’t remember when was the last time that I read a book in my own language. I was reading a lot in English but only for study purpose. After you told me last week that I need to read as much as I can to improve my English, I started to read Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson. I can’t express in words how many emotions I felt during the lecture. Beautiful experience, Thanks

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