DISCOVER the power of reading and listening.

Reading and listening have a unique ability to improve your English. People who do a lot of reading and listening have larger vocabularies and better grammar. They write and speak better. And they do better on tests, like the TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE.

Articles to read

  • Take a few minutes to read The power of reading and listening. It explains why reading and listening are essential  for language development and how you can use them to improve your English.
  • Using popular fiction to improve your English explains the special benefits that come from reading popular modern fiction. It also shows you how to use the Internet to find books to read.
  • 81 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading by Dr. Stephen Krashen is a collection of 81 researched-based statements that we can make about reading and language development. For those who are interested, it includes an extended list of references.

Online reading and listening