True Stories

Speaking success


It’s often helpful – when you’re trying something new – to hear how others have done the same thing. You pick up new ideas. You’re encouraged by their experiences and successes. And you learn that you’re not alone; others are trying to do the same thing you are. I hope these stories – about success speaking a new language – will do all of that for you.

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Thoughts from a successful English learner


Several months ago, I told the story of Adrian, a frustrated Brazilian English-learner who dropped out of his English class. Shortly after that, he discovered that we acquire language in one way – by reading and listening. In a short time – a little more than two years – Adrian became very fluent in English. Later, he used the same method to acquire Spanish. I recently received an e-mail from Adrian that continues the story of his language journey – a story every language learner should read.

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Frustration to success: how he did it


Frustration to success told Adrian’s story as an English learner. This article adds important details: What did Adrian do to achieve success? What is he doing today? And what can we learn from his experience?

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Better English at Sweet Valley High


Kyung-Sook Cho’s adult ESL students had made little progress until she introduced them to Sweet Valley High. That’s where they found success.

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Frustration to success


Adrian was frustrated, so he quit his ESL class. But today he’s enjoying English success. How did he do it?

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