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Curators are people who select, organize, and look after collections. Museums have curators, and so does Successful English! My main job here is to create and curate Successful English’s two collections. LEARN is a collection of articles based on the work of the best researchers and language specialists I know. DISCOVER is a collection of the best intermediate and advanced reading and listening resources I can find. And this week there have been some important changes in the DISCOVER collection.

What’s new?

The most important change is the addition of Books Online. I’ve been wanting to add this for some time, but I didn’t think the online collections were good enough or well-enough organized. That has changed recently, so I’m delighted to add this valuable section to Successful English.

Second, when you go to the DISCOVER page, you’ll see that it has been reorganized. There are links to two important articles – The power of reading and listening and Using popular fiction to improve your English. I’ve also added 81 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading by Dr. Stephen Krashen. It’s a set of 81 research-based statements that we can make reading and language development. It is an excellent, brief summary of the research on reading.

Finally, you’ll find links to the Books Online and Intermediate and Advanced Online reading, listening, and video resource areas of DISCOVER.

Warren Ediger

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