During the last few years, several other professionals have written about my work in letters of reference and other documents. Here are some of the things they have said:

Dr. Jeff McQuillan

Dr. McQuillan, Director of the Center for Educational Development, is a researcher and author. He and Dr. Lucy Tse are the creators and producers of the highly-regarded and popular ESL Podcast.

I…have found [Warren] to be an outstanding teacher, writer, and colleague.

I…was immediately impressed by his professionalism, dedication, and knowledge about a broad array of issues related to teaching and learning…. I believe Warren is one of the most effective teachers I have known.

In addition to his skills at teaching and tutoring students, Warren has a firm grasp of good language teaching pedagogy for secondary and adult students.… I found that he understands not just the theory but the proper application of second language acquisition methodologies….

I invariably find that he not only knows about best practices in ESL teaching (such as extensive reading), but also has an understanding of how educational technology can support those practices.

Most importantly, I have observed that Warren has the most important quality of a successful teacher: he cares about his students. He has a true passion for teaching, mentoring, and collaboration with colleagues.

Dr. Armon Siemsen

Dr. Siemsen, from the education department at Biola University, observed my ESL classes on several occasions.

One cannot say enough for his planning, sensitivity to students’ needs, and creativity…. His relationship with his students is quite remarkable not only in the classroom, but beyond.

Mr. Ediger brings to this teaching setting quite a portfolio of experience and training. He is an avid learner who relates well with all his students and staff. He seems to bring into the classroom a sense of genuine care and outstanding rapport.

He is an outstanding teacher who is constantly working on improving his skills and the programs in which he is involved. He is a recognized leader….

Dr. Marwan Nabi

Dr. Nabi was my supervising administrator for several years.

Warren…always demonstrated strong leadership skills…shaping a friendly and exciting learning environment.

Warren possesses a wealth of outstanding attributes, personal as well as professional. I have found him to be very responsible and trustworthy…[he] shows a tremendous amount of patience and caring when working with students.… He has excellent rapport with the students thanks to his sensitivity to their diverse ethnicities and the respect he has for them as individuals.

… [He has a] strong commitment to providing students with stimulating and meaningful instruction.

Warren is highly committed to research-based instruction…. Thanks to the wealth of Warren’s knowledge of effective language acquisition practices, I have frequently called upon him to share information with the rest of our staff. His gracious contributions have greatly enriched the skills of our teachers.

Mr. Nardy Samuels

Mr. Samuels was my supervising administrator for one year.

…[Warren] has shown me that he is a consummate teacher. Not only does he do an excellent job of actual teaching in his classroom, but he also studies his craft, researches strategies and methodologies that support his teaching, and helps others understand what he has learned.

Warren does an outstanding job in the classroom.… [His] students find a comfortable learning environment where they feel safe….

Mrs. Laurie McGee

Mrs. McGee was a colleague with whom I shared teaching and curriculum development assignments. She was a member of the curriculum committee that I chaired.

Mr. Ediger’s teaching talent and passion, his depth of knowledge and application of second language acquisition theory and research, and his expert technological and leadership skills separate him from the rest….

It is impossible to … not recognize his passion for teaching ESL… His care and respect for students is evident in the way they speak about him and attribute their linguistic success to his methods and dedication.

Mr. Ediger’s vast knowledge of language acquisition has informed his excellent teaching practice, and he continues to stay abreast of current research in the field, apply it to the classroom….

Mr. Ediger…has changed many of our students, our teachers, and our programs for the better.

Mrs. Barbara Jindra

Mrs. Jindra was a colleague and member of the curriculum committee that I chaired.

He has dedicated himself to staying abreast of the latest language acquisition theory research, which has made him a great asset to our school. He is always an able and willing mentor to other teachers.

[He is dedicated] to helping his students become successful lifelong learners who will continue to grow in their English language competence long after they leave his classroom.

His enthusiasm and professionalism are above reproach….