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The best way to improve your writing and speaking is to read good writers and listen to good speakers! Today I’d like to spotlight three great reading and listening sources for more advanced English learners. All three of them contain a lot of academic English. And all three of them provide RSS feeds so you can feast on more great ideas and good English every time they add something new.

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Doing your TOEFL homework


“Doing your homework” is a phrase we occasionally use informally to refer to due diligence, the careful research that someone does before signing a legal or financial document or making a big decision. Many students don’t do their TOEFL homework, or they let other people do it for them. As a result they’re not prepared to take the TOEFL because they don’t have the information they need or worse, they have the wrong information.

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A feast of academic English


The word feast can be used several ways. Today I’m using it to describe a book – Writing to Learn – by William Zinsser. Writing to Learn is a feast because it contains a generous supply of enjoyable academic English. If you want to improve your academic English, it’s a good place to start.

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Rethinking the TOEFL


Every year I speak to dozens of students who need to take the TOEFL. And when I do, I always come to the conclusion that fresh thinking is needed about the TOEFL and how to prepare for it.

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How to learn something (including academic English) for nothing


The most important thing TOEFL test-takers can do to prepare for the test is to build their academic English by reading and listening; it will affect all aspects of their English – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This article describes new sources of good academic English for reading and listening.

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Don’t wait! to prepare for the TOEFL


Preparation for the TOEFL – language ability, academic skills, and test-taking skills – takes time. Don’t wait! Begin now.

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Bite-sized academic English


If you want to become familiar with academic English, now you can – 5 minutes, or even 60-seconds, at a time!

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Prepare for the TOEFL at iTunes U


Students who take the TOEFL need to be familiar with academic English. There’s no better place to find academic English than iTunes U!

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